Client Feedback Surveys

North Star’s client feedback surveys provide information that improves client relationships and experiences, stimulates product innovation, and bolsters client loyalty and retention…all of which help drive financial performance.

All companies need to grow. We believe that the best method to achieve long-term financial growth is through high client retention, repeat business, and positive word of mouth. North Star’s Client Feedback surveys help you to effectively listen to your clients and determine how effectively your company is accomplishing these goals.

Positive client experiences yield loyal clients who fuel company growth. “Eighty percent of companies believe they are delivering a “superior experience” to their customers…but only 8% of companies actually achieve this goal.” – Lin & Allen, 7 Things Firms Need to Know

Do you know how strong the relationships are between your company and your clients? Is your answer based on an assumption, or actual data?

Tailor the Client Experience

Gain insights into client challenges, discover underlying issues in current processes and utilize this information to effect change.

Improve Client Loyalty and Retention

Implementing a client feedback process that utilizes real-time feedback allows potential issues to be quickly identified. Timely resolution of these issues can both prevent the loss of current clients as well as prevent similar mistakes in the future.

“The fact across a wide range of industries is that a 5 percent improvement in customer retention rates will yield a 25 to 100 percent increase in profits.” – Fred Reichheld,The Loyalty Effect

Fuel Product/Service Innovation

Opening this channel of communication with clients can yield innovative new products/services. Follow up and work with clients to co-create future products that solve these unmet needs.

Better Relationships and Cross-Selling

Loyal clients become more profitable over time.  All lasting relationships are built on trust. Creating an open dialogue with your clients facilitates a more trusting and loyal relationship. It also helps uncover additional client needs…key information that can be used to effectively cross-sell complimentary products/services.

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The 3C’s of Client Loyalty

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