360° Leadership Assessments

Improving the performance of every employee is important. However, relative to an individual contributor, the improvement of a leader is multiplied by the size of their organization. Improving a leader’s performance in a key area by 15-20% can have a substantial impact on their group, department or division.

Every leader has blind spots that affect their success as leaders. A 360° Leadership Assessment is a powerful tool in helping a rising star or a seasoned veteran learn their strengths and weaknesses – vital insight that is the foundation of improving leadership performance.

At North Star, we can work directly with a leader or with a leader’s executive coach. With an executive coach, a 360° Leadership Assessment is an excellent tool to gauge a leader’s performance at the beginning and conclusion of a coaching engagement.

North Star’s 360° Leadership Assessment service offers two approaches:

1) The North Star “Vital Link” assessment: Our standardized assessment based on best leadership practices in key areas such as communication, vision, planning and execution. The main advantage of this assessment is speed and cost. It is ready to go and is an excellent value.

2) The North Star “Custom Solution” assessment: If you prefer a custom assessment based upon the unique requirements of your organization, culture and industry, then a tailored approach may be your best option.

Whichever approach best fits your needs, you can expect North Star’s excellent customer service, experienced administration of your assessment, and a thorough and detailed reporting package.

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360° Leadership Assessment

Learn why investing in leadership development is one of the most valuable tools for driving organizational performance.



Vital Link 360° Leadership Assessment

Take a quick tour of our Vital Link leadership assessment – a 360° tool that measures the essential qualities of a great business leader.



360° Leadership Assessment Reports

View sample reports to see examples of the kind of deliverables that are available following your 360° Leadership Assessment.


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