Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement surveys provide key information your business needs to improve employee loyalty and attract and retain high-quality talent.

In an increasingly “knowledge based” world, more and more companies are realizing that their most important assets are their people. With the high costs of turnover (hiring, training, lost productivity) smart companies are doing whatever they can to avoid these costs. Simply put, Employee Engagement Surveys help management better understand what their talent is thinking.

Keep a Pulse on Your Competitive Advantage

Many businesses feel that their people are the source of their sustainable competitive advantage. Gain insight into their perceptions and unmet needs and monitor this information frequently over time. Our affordable solutions make capturing this information more than just once a year a realistic possibility.

Provide a Safe, Anonymous Forum

Allow your people to candidly voice their opinions to senior management. While it might not be lunch with the CEO, most employees appreciate the opportunity to provide honest feedback.

Gain a New Perspective

Many times the best ideas come from the front-lines… the folks that are actually getting the work done. Leverage their perspectives, ideas, and solutions. Walk a mile in their shoes.  Employee surveys can be a great way to solicit great ideas and see things in a new light.

Retain Your Talent

Nip turnover in the bud. It’s a war for talent out there and ROI can be found in activities that help to retain your talent. Uncover issues that might be driving talent to the door and make the appropriate changes.

Take Care of the People Who Take Care of Your Customers

Research shows that loyal/engaged employees are more willing to go “above and beyond” to help customers and their fellow employees. Loyal employees have a positive impact on client loyalty & retention, which is key given the higher costs involved in new customer acquisition.

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Leading A Successful Employee Survey

Learn the best practices for facilitating an Employee Engagement Survey in your organization.



Sample Employee Engagement Survey

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Employee Engagement Reports

View sample reports to see examples of the kind of deliverables that are available following your Employee Engagement Survey.


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