Core Skills

At North Star, we possess the skills and experience necessary to lead global, online survey research projects. These unique competencies are the key reasons our clients work with us time after time.

Effective Partnering

Each client of ours is an important business partner. We do not pursue a high-transaction, low-relationship business model. You are an important part of our business, and we aim to become a trusted, long-term contributor to your organization’s success.

Professional Questionnaire Design

Many of our clients are senior leaders with vast experience in their area of expertise, but often are looking for input on how to best structure their questions. Our involvement ensures that your survey tool is developed with industry best-practices in mind.

Dependable Technology

At North Star, we have developed our own proprietary survey software built to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our technology has been proven over and over again in the very best laboratory…the real world.

Strong Analytics & Customized Reporting

Arguably, the most important piece of the puzzle in any survey research project is what is done with the information after it has been received. We strive make sure your final report is custom designed to your needs and presented in a professional, user-friendly format.


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