Our Process

It is our goal to make your project as simple and straightforward as possible. When addressing your research needs, we use a disciplined, time-tested methodology. The steps in the process will vary in length depending on the complexity of your project, but the basic steps are consistent from one project to the next.

Step 1:  Familiarization

Explore the resources provided here on this site. View sample survey s, study the general process, timeline, and reporting options. Download and read our whitepapers to learn more about the services North Star offers. Consider your project with the “end” in mind. What reporting options will help you to achieve your organizational objectives?

Step 2: Get Started

Use the “Get Started” link on this site to start the dialogue between your organization and North Star.  After providing some basic information, you’ll receive a follow up from a North Star representative to continue gathering the key information needed to accurately determine the complexity of your project and resulting price.

Step 3:  Project Approval

Once the project has been approved work begins on the project according to the outlined schedule.

Step 4:  Survey Tool Design & Development

If your organization does not already have an online survey tool developed (or isn’t participating as part of another group) work will begin on designing a survey tool for your organization.  North Star offers both standardized and customized solutions, which one will best fit your needs will be determined in Step 2.  Upon completion and approval of the survey design, North Star will begin development of the online survey tool, branded specifically for your organization.

Step 5:  Setup

Upon completion and approval of the online survey tool your organization will be set up in our system based on your organization’s structure and reporting needs.  Your facilitator will be added to our system and allowed to monitor real-time response rates to effectively manage and encourage participation from your clients/employees.

Step 6:  Testing

-After the setup is complete, your facilitator and/or others will have the opportunity to test the survey tool prior to go live. This step ensures that everything is functioning properly and the survey is as the client expects.

Step 7:  Communication

In this step, the facilitator will customize and finalize their invitation to participate.  Sample communications are available here if it is helpful to begin from a template.  Some key points:

  • Emphasize the confidentiality and anonymity of the survey  (if applicable)
  • Ensure senior leadership is on board and is willing/able to help support and promote the importance of the initiative and resulting changes
  • Have the most senior leader possible send the invitation that contains the link to participate
  • Remember that multiple reminders might be needed throughout the process
  • Consider the use of incentives/competition to help boost participation rates

Step 8:  Participation

During the participation window, respondents will provide their feedback online.  The facilitator will be able to monitor your organization’s progress by viewing real-time response rate updates in their “My Account” area.  Facilitators will provide various communications/reminders and encouragement in order to achieve the desired response rate.

Step 9:  Analysis & Reporting

Upon the completion of the participation phase, North Star will analyze your data and prepare your report(s).  Reports are prepared in English and delivered in standard, easy to use formats (ie. MS Office or PDF)  Office reports will be mailed to the designated report recipient in a timely manner following the close of participation.  We guarantee reports will be delivered within two weeks of the end of participation, unless otherwise specified at the start of your project.

Step 10:  Action Planning & Implementation

Following the delivery of the reports to your report recipient, North Star is available to answer any questions regarding the interpretation of the analysis.  We firmly believe that the most important work begins after the reports are delivered.  Review our whitepaper “After The Survey” to learn more about next steps your organization might consider.


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