Referral Program

We are proud to say that over the years our clients have been very pleased with our services and have responded by referring new clients to North Star. They say “word-of-mouth” is the best form of advertising… and we agree!

We decided it was time to formalize our Referral Program and give something back in return. As a small token of our appreciation to our clients that are willing to refer new clients, we are extending a 20% discount on a future North Star service*.

Example: “Client X” emails North Star and lets us know they have referred our Employee Engagement Survey Services to John Doe at “Company A.” North Star then follows up with John Doe and a project is ultimately completed for “Company A” for the price of $5,000. After payment is received, North Star issues a one-time credit of 20% of the referral project price and “Client X” now has a one-time credit of $1000 available to put toward a future North Star service at some point in the next 2 years.

Thank you in advance for referring North Star to other clients that could also benefit from our services. Your willingness to refer us is greatly appreciated!

Program Guidelines:

  • North Star must be notified of the referral via email prior to initial contact.
  • Discount valid for an amount up to 20% of the referral project price for new client referrals only
  • Credit is available only after final payment from referral is received by North Star
  • Credit valid for 2 years

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